Learntec 2024 – enmeshed and Mein Bildungsraum in the middle of it

Learntec 2024 Gruppenbild enmeshed und Mein Bildungsraum

Learntec in Karlsruhe is one of the most important education trade fairs in Europe, and this year, we were able to make a contribution with innovative presentations by enmeshed and Mein Bildungsraum.

The js-soft team, consisting of Dirk Jennerjahn, Reinhard Vogt, Thomas Steinmetz, and Milena Czierlinski, examined the latest developments in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and new work. These technologies open up exciting possibilities for education, from interactive learning environments to intelligent learning companions in the classroom.

Our contribution: The presentation entitled „Durchblick statt Datenflut: Von Schulzeugnis bis berufliche Weiterbildung – Alle Zertifikate in einer Wallet“ at the congress. Reinhard Vogt and Thomas Steinmetz demonstrated how data queries and certificate transfers can be designed in a user-friendly way. Our approach aims to manage educational certificates digitally and securely so that learners always have an overview and can easily prove their qualifications.

At the stand of Mein Bildungsraum, a project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Dr. Cathrin Vogel and Dr. Danny Pajak presented the vision of a seamless, lifelong educational journey. The focus was on the networking of educational offers and cross-institutional learning.

Learntec 2024 offered us valuable insights and numerous new ideas for the future of education. Innovative approaches and exchanges with other experts and interested parties have inspired and motivated us to continue developing enmeshed. We would like to thank you for the enriching impressions and are already looking forward to Learntec 2025!

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Homepage – Digital education space (meinbildungsraum.de)


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