FerretDB – A successful Open-Source collaboration with enmeshed

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A game-changing database solution that’s reshaping the way we manage data. FerretDB stands out with its lightning-fast performance, scalability, and user-friendly interface. Its powerful search engine empowers enmeshed to retrieve real-time data. What truly sets FerretDB apart is its emphasis on user-friendliness. The intuitive interface makes database management a breeze, even for those without in-depth technical expertise. Enmeshed uses it as a drop-in replacement for translating to SQL. Since most of our customers use relational databases (mostly PostgreSQL), they can install FerretDB with the included connector and get started immediately. The welcoming and responsive open-source community, as well as the well-maintained documentation, make it very easy to work with.

In 2024, the first educational institutions and learners will be connected so that the traffic will increase rapidly. We hope to work with FerretDB to meet this challenge and stabilize our application performance. FerretDB is also working on SAP on HANA compatibility. We want to use FerretDB in our other j&s-soft projects within our SAP development and consulting business. Thank you for the successful Open-Source collaboration!

Check out the newest FerretDB article about the collaboration with enmeshed: https://blog.ferretdb.io/ferretdb-database-choice-enmeshed-customers/

Thanks to our authors and contributors Marcin Gwozdz, Julian König and Michael Feygelman!


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