enmeshed: secure, digital exchange - personally controlled

Wherever confidential data is sent, enmeshed is the secure solution. Currently, innovative programmers from universities and institutes are working with enmeshed, who want to use a secure, simple and future-proof technology. The focus is on the worldwide exchange of verified documents, such as degree certificates and other qualification certificates.

Rapid communication for the school/university transition

18-year-old Johanna graduates from the Luitpold-Gymnasium in Munich in the summer. She will then start her studies at Munich Business School. The secretary’s office at her school provides Johanna a QR code that she can use to connect to the school via the enmeshed app on her smartphone. In the app, her diploma is made available to her digitally and marked as authenticated by her high school. The file is stored on the local memory of Johanna’s end device. Without having to re-enter your personal information, it can forward the certificate for enrollment by scanning the university QR code. A backbone layer links Johanna’s identity and that of the university administration through scanning. The standardization of their proprietary data structures also enables the mapping of a wide range of interface standards, so that it is possible to transfer the application to IT systems at other universities. Thereby the file formats can have an unstructured as well as a structured form. Furthermore, the so-called Zero Knowledge Border encrypts her information end-to-end during the transfer so that even the app developers cannot access Johanna’s personal data. Once she graduates from Luitpold Gymnasium, she will be able to decide for herself if she wants the high school to continue to have access to your name, location, or email address. She can also determine which information Munich Business School may retain in the event of a rejection.

Secure data exchange in human resources

After 14 years as an accountant at j&s-soft GmbH, Jochen Bauer is leaving his company due to a move. The legal relationship between him as an employee and his employer thus expires at the end of the contract and with it all electronic access to mailboxes, databases and all company-related contact points. Nevertheless, there are still bidirectional communication needs, such as the correction of the last pay slip, the transmission of the employer’s reference or queries regarding the company pension insurance. In the past, j&s-soft GmbH sent these documents to its employees by mail or unencrypted by e-mail. To keep exit costs as low as possible and securely transfer highly sensitive personnel data, the company creates a company-owned, self-determined identity through enmeshed. j&s-soft provides Jochen Bauer a QR code. Via the app on his private phone, he can now inform his old employer of his new address as well as receive the documents mentioned. But self-determined identities can also be used during the application process or employment. For example, applicants only need to create resumes, social security numbers, or health insurance information the first time they install the app and can send them to companies or institutions with just a QR code scan. Companies can also use this secure channel to send centralized push messages to their employees’ end devices, e.g. for short-term notifications such as a bomb discovery near the office or the company’s Christmas greetings.

Secure doctor-patient communication with enmeshed

  • Easy onboarding in practice
  • DSGVO-compliant dispatch of sensitive data between practice and patient
  • electronic scheduling

enmeshed allows financial services to be more efficient with

  • secure communication between all parties involved in the process
  • legally compliant, fully electronic declarations of intent
  • seamless documentation and tracking of processes
  • location-independent access to documents such as policies, etc.seamless integration into comparison calculators and company portals

Property managers save with enmeshed by

  • Secure, DSVO-compliant, digital communication
  • Legally compliant, fully electronic voting
  • Documentation of processes and object files
  • More efficient use of employee:internal resources
  • Ticket systems and task traceability

Legal services helps enmeshed to

  • secure, confidential, digital interaction with clients
  • an acceleration of machining processes
  • Stronger integration of existing and new IT systems

In most industries, sensitive personal data is exchanged. enmeshed secures this data transmission system-independently. The number of projects implemented with enmeshed is growing day by day.

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