Your fellow traveler on your educational path

Save certificates, proof of internship and your health insurance card in your personal and secure wallet. Apply to the university of your choice with just a few clicks.

How do I install the enmeshed app?

Download the enmeshed app for free and create your own digital identity.

Your own personal digital identity

Communicate end-to-end encrypted between universities, schools and learners via the integrated messenger

Like Google Wallet, only more secure

Manage all your educational documents in the repository. Stored locally on the smartphone or tablet.

no more official notarisations

Issued certificates are marked as trustworthy. You can complete application processes in minutes.

Promoting individual educational paths in Germany

Strengthen education. Relieve school administration.

We integrate enmeshed into your existing school management system. With just one click: Send reports, learning materials and consent forms to students and parents digitally

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