Secure education in a digital world

Submit your school and university certificates digitally with enmeshed. Save them together with internship certificates and your health insurance card in your personal and secure wallet.

Schools & Universities
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Encrypted data exchange

With the open-source software enmeshed, educational institutions such as colleges, universities, or schools communicate end-to-end encrypted messages with their learners. The data exchange is based on Zero Knowledge Proof, a modern GDPR-compliant transmission technology for digital sovereignty. With your digital identity, we combine the security of a messenger service like Signal with the convenience of a Google Drive and a Google Wallet.

Integrated into your system

The open-source code creates transparency and API interfaces. We integrate enmeshed into your existing education management system.

Everything in one app

Save your educational documents in one place on your smartphone or tablet. No more searching through folders or requesting certified copies.


enmeshed works according to European standards such as eidas 2.0. With Zero Knowledge Proof and end-to-end encryption, we guarantee secure data exchange.

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