Building and sprinting with Lego: Agile dream house without instructions

SCRUM Workshop mit Lego mit enmeshed Team

Teamwork at enmeshed? Not only theoretically, but also colorfully experienced! We’re taking you on a journey through our agile Lego workshop, where we learned not only how to build, but also how to sprint.

In 2023, our team has grown, and what is the best way to introduce new colleagues? A practical SCRUM workshop, of course! Last week we met in Heidelberg to have breakfast together and refresh the basics of the entire framework.

The highlight of the workshop? Build a dream house out of Lego without any instructions or pictures! Each floor was its own user story and with each window, all colleagues came a little closer to the product goal. Who would have thought that Sprint Planning could be so colorful and structured?

Starting from vague customer requirements, we creatively combined, communicated and designed. The result: an architectural masterpiece (almost) without errors.

With this in mind, a warm welcome once again to Britta, Jakob, Milena, Ruth, Magnus, Mika and Nicole


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