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Verifiable Credentials Abschlussarbeit enmeshed

This a phrase we encounter every day as we surf the Internet. However, to confirm this legally, you must be at least 16 years old. How do you ensure this as a website operator? One solution could now be Verifiable credentials, a mechanism for securely exchanging and verifying digital information. Our Bachelor student Korbinian Flietel dealt with this topic in his thesis. As an integration of our enmeshed wallet, learning platforms and universities can now securely confirm the correctness of their applicant’s data without checking thousands of scanned ID cards every semester. His central insight: The technical implementation of Verifiable Credentials is usually not the major hurdle. For the underlying trust process of the confirming institution, the political and legal framework must first be created. A central trust register could be a solution. We congratulate Korbinian on the top grade for his work and thank our architect Thomas Steinmetz, j&s-soft and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandro Leuchter, Mannheim University of Applied Sciences for the intensive support as his bachelor thesis advisor.

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