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What does enmeshed actually do?

When it comes to the US…

…the path at the airport there leads at some point through the border officials. The passport is shown and the look into the photo is followed by a short eye contact with the person entering the country. The identity on the entry forms and the person in front of the border official match.

In the analog world, such authentication methods for determining identity work very well. Accelerated not least by the corona pandemic, even everyday registration processes are increasingly shifting into the digital space: opening a bank account or booking a rental car

One of the most common methods is photographing or scanning the ID card, but this offers lower security because the security features on a photo are lost. Video and auto-ident methods are also widely used. During all these operations, image data is temporarily stored for processing. However, it is often not transparently disclosed where, when and for how long these data are stored and used

As part of the development of the National Education Platform MVP, enmeshed, as a component of the “repository” component, forms an infrastructure for secure data transfer and storage between learners, teachers and educational institutions. Especially the low-threshold and at the same time secure use as a bidirectional filing and communication option represent the most central advantages. The application focus is on communication in both school and university settings, as well as in the human resources environment in a corporate context:

✔️ Send school reports securely

✔️ Approve excuses for his child with one click

✔️ Securely transmit correction of the last payroll of an employee who has already left the company.

✔️ Automatically retrieve missing data from the pension notice

With enmeshed this is no problem!

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