EPI Use Labs tests say: Very good! – Enmeshed passes the pentest!

Penetration Test Pentest enmeshed

We are pleased to inform you that enmeshed has passed the pentest. A penetration test (short: pentest) describes a procedure to determine the current security of an IT landscape or (web) application. The test was conducted by EPI Use Labs. Specifically tested were:

  • The open-source libraries from enmeshed and j&s-soft GmbH, which are used by the enmeshed ecosystem
  • The mobile application
  • The enmeshed connector
  • The enmeshed backbone

The fact that the backbone has no way of intercepting, reading or modifying end-to-end encrypted messages was highlighted as particularly positive. The enmeshed ecosystem as well as the source code were also described as being of high quality. As part of the development of the Minimum Viable Product of the digital infrastructure for education, the “data storage” technology forms an infrastructure for secure data transmission and storage between learners, teachers and educational institutions. To protect this sensitive data, we are particularly proud of the successful enmeshed pentest.

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