Safe communication in the medical practice

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“Your health insurance card please”

Book appointments, request certificates, and write prescriptions. All these processes are part of everyday life in every medical practice and are subject to strict data protection regulations. Did you know that making appointments or sending medical documents by email is prohibited by law under Art. 32 GDPR?

Our colleague Korbinian Flietel has also dealt with these topics. In the course of his practical semester at the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, he has developed a prototypical enmeshed solution for every practice anteroom with which the above processes can be carried out simply and securely

By verifying different trust levels, enmeshed can be used to differentiate precisely which identities are allowed to exchange which data with each other. As a DSGVO-compliant solution, the technology offers low-threshold yet secure use as a bidirectional and high-performance storage and communication method.

So that there is more time for the most important thing: patient care!

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