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enmeshed closes the gap between companies and individuals

Headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany, j&s-soft GmbH is an IT consulting company with a technological focus.

We developed enmeshed to fill a digital gap. As a provider with an integrative approach, especially in the SAP environment, we can plan and integrate enmeshed for your company into all existing systems.

Connector for companies

The Connector is part of the company IT and connected to all desired systems via an interface.

Free app for private users

For data sharing and as a separate electronic wallet: the user downloads the free app directly from the App Store / Play Store to his cell phone.

Your partner for digital business models

If you want to realize the secure transmission of data, whether to other companies/institutions or end users, talk to us. We advise you on how the requirements of digital transformation can be implemented in your company in a well thought-out and sustainable manner.

Integration into your IT systems

As developers of enmeshed, which is now also implemented by many other IT service providers, we are particularly adept at integrating with other systems.

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What services does j&s-soft offer?

Provision of a central backbone (chargeable for companies) and the free enmeshed app

Consulting service on enmeshed, digitization and the entire environment

Presentations, training and support for enmeshed

enmeshed demo landscape and architecture consulting

SAP HCM and enmeshed, one of our proven core competencies.

Cooperation and mutual support in the enmeshed partner network

FAQs about j&s-soft services and enmeshed

Enmshed is distributed under an MIT license open source. Costs may be incurred if you use our backbone or use specific support for development services.

Absolutely! You can submit the enmeshed.eu page to your service provider. From there, enmeshed can be downloaded and used as open source. If your digitization partner refuses, you can also contact us directly. We take over or give support to your service provider.

In general, enmeshed has an API interface. A connection option exists to the most common school administration and campus management systems.

Personal data is any information relating to an identified or identifiable living individual. Various pieces of information that together can lead to the identification of a particular individual also constitute personal data, e.g.

  • Name and first name
  • Private address
  • Email address like firstname [dot] lastname [at] company [dot] com
  • Badge number
  • Location data (e.g. the location function on cell phones)
  • IP address
  • Cookie identifier
  • Advertising identifier of your phone
  • Data held by a hospital that could lead to the unique identification of a natural person.

A digital wallet enables citizens to identify themselves during digital administrative processes, banking transactions, doctor’s visits, age checks, or simply shopping online. In addition to the ID card function, the payment as well as document storage function are the most important features

Digital sovereignty describes the capabilities and opportunities of individuals and institutions to exercise their role(s) in the digital world in an independent, self-determined and secure manner. To this end, the processing of data required for administration must be guaranteed by up-to-date functional and trustworthy information technology.

The networking infrastructure ensures all learners can easily and securely find and use digital educational offerings. People are thus supported in lifelong learning.

The abbreviation eIDAS stands for electronic IDentification, authentication and trust services. It complies with (EU) Regulation No. 910/2014 of 23 July 2014. The eIDAS certification defines the standards and criteria for simple electronic signatures, advanced electronic signatures, qualified electronic signatures, (eIDAS QES) qualified certificates and online trust services. In addition, this regulation governs electronic transactions and their management.

Zero Knowledge Proof states that one party, a prover, can prove to another party, a verifier, that it possesses a particular piece of information without revealing the actual data.

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