enmeshed launches with version 2

enmeshed startet mit Version 2

enmeshed has many advantages as an open source application. One of the advantages is that many users and different developers provide feedback directly. This means that optimizations can be implemented quickly and jointly.
Using version 1 has shown that additional options in data entry and processing would be desirable. Therefore, version 2 offers the possibility to provide the person filling in the form with a pre-selection (e.g. in the field “Country”). In addition, input data is validated to such an extent that incorrect use of fields is avoided as far as possible (example: field phone number may only contain digits). The various interactions have also become clearer and more user-friendly for the private user and for the institution/company:

  • Clear control: users have a clearer display in the app to see which requests are still pending and which data they have shared with which institution/company.
  • For any authentication: For security queries using multi-factor authentication (2FA), the user can use the enmeshed app.
  • Evaluations of responses: In version 2, institutions/companies can subsequently request data details (example: dates of birth) and then use a list to track which data has been received or is still missing.

enmeshed evolves with the requirements and its community. Learn more about the technical features of enmeshed version 2 here. Stay tuned!


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