Exchange on enmeshed at country level

Universitäten vernetzen sich digital

In order to exchange ideas with us about what digital solutions universities in Baden-Württemberg need, Ingrid Bohr, Managing Director of bwUni.digital and Head of KU-bwUni.digital in Heidelberg, visited us. KU-bwUni.digital coordinates different projects of the universities in Baden-Württemberg around the digital transformation of administrative processes and supports the cooperation of the universities in Baden-Württemberg in this area.
Ms. Bohr was particularly interested in the question of which technical solutions can be used to realize a secure and simple digital exchange of data between universities, in compliance with data protection laws, right up to the European level.
The central topic from our side was the possibility to flexibly integrate enmeshed into different software landscapes of the universities as a secure transmission and encryption channel. We presented the application options and inner structure of the open source solution to Ms. Bohr. Vinzent Lange reported on experiences with enmeshed within the framework of the BIRD project organized at the federal level. In doing so, he highlighted a person’s complete educational journey from school entry through education to professional development.
Different impulses arose for us from the conversation, e.g. the evaluation of ongoing projects such as PIM-Platform – a project at the federal level with a focus on international student mobility. The joint exchange will continue in early 2023.


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