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“Pay slips lying around open, addressees mixed up, and once again, a Philip, with a “P” to vie. lIn a guest article entitled “Self-determined identities – Does everyone really have control over their own data?” by our project manager Michael Feygelman, enmeshed was outlined last week in the IT trade magazine Security-Insider:


The so-called self-determined identities (SBI) promise end users control and sovereignty, independent of identity services, over the personal data they transmit to external institutions and companies. Unless companies and institutions have a legal obligation to archive the data, the power of disposal of the information is transferred in full to the user. They receive an overview of the digital relationships and the respective shared data.

The open-source software enmeshed is also built on the SBI methodology. Unlike existing solutions, the application relies on a centralized, blockchain-free architecture. As a DSGVO-compliant SBI solution, enmeshed can demonstrate practical applications.

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