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Encrypted data exchange
in the education space!

Digital wallet: GDPR-compliant,
Open source, end-to-end encrypted

Simple. Sure. enmeshed - powered by j&s-soft

Secure data exchange for all -
DSGVO compliant, end-2-end encrypted,

enmeshed for facilities and
Software provider from the education space

  • Part of the  national networking infrastructure digital Education of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Wallet as local data storage for transcripts, enrollment certificates and semester abroad applications
  • Integrated and GDPR-compliant bidirectional data traffic
  • Easy integration with existing LMS, CMS, and school management systems

enmeshed for individuals

  • One central repository for all your educational documents: free and for multiple platforms
  • Simple and secure bidirectional data traffic
  • Autofill of form fields with personal data
  • Full data sovereignty: data overview and control
  • Cross-Device synchronization

What our customers and users say

enmeshed application examples

Digital identification, authentication and trust services cleverly harmonized and integrated

Secure data exchange is essential. Enabling individuals to have sovereignty over their own data is becoming mandatory. If you are an institution or company now concerned with implementing these requirements, enmeshed is the solution. At j&s-soft we make sure that enmeshed is integrated in a meaningful and simple way.

With enmeshed we realize a data transfer for you that is

  • GDPR-compliant: It meets all strict data protection guidelines with ease
  • End-to-end: ensures securely encrypted data exchange between users, institutions and companies
  • System-friendly: It can be easily connected
  • User-friendly: It is easy to use for all users

Modern integration

The open approach of enmeshed enables the connection of various existing systems within the own system landscape.

Know-how from experts

enmeshed was developed by j&s-soft GmbH. We have many years of project, consulting and development experience for every need.


enmeshed enables compliance with European security standards, data protection and digital contracts. With Least Knowledge technology, data transfer is encrypted end-to-end.

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j&s-soft - the nucleus of enmeshed

We developed enmeshed because we needed it and because we could. To take the platform further and make it accessible to all, we released it as open source in 2022. As an experienced and creative development and consulting company from the SAP cosmos, we are consultants, planners and executors for companies and public institutions. 

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