Visit from Peter Hassenbach (BMBF)

Besuch Peter Hassenbach bei der j&s-soft

We had a visitor: Peter Hassenbach, project group leader at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, was our guest in the course of getting to know each other personally in the Digital Networking Infrastructure for Education project. He is the head of the National Digital Education Space project group, which includes the Digital Networking Infrastructure for Education. The goal is to establish a digital education area in Germany that is internationally compatible.

The open source solution enmeshed developed by us is used here for interoperability between the various service providers of the digital networking infrastructure. enmeshed enables end-to-end encrypted secure communication while respecting the data self-determination paradigm. This allows users to exchange credentials, certificates and information with and between educational organizations in a self-determined manner. Mr. Hassenbach reported to us on the progress of the overall project and informed us about the new features of enmeshed version 2 as well as other possible uses of enmeshed during lifelong learning.

We look forward to a continued lively exchange.


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